Program Overview

Section l - Moving Images

Day 1 - Monday 28 July

Ritual, Media, and Conflict in the Santa Fe Fiesta

Ron Grimes (Nijmegen) and Barry Stephenson (Ontario)

Day 2 - Tuesday 29 July

The Visual Toolbox

Ute Hüsken (Oslo) and Erik de Maaker (Leiden)

Day 3 - Wednesday 30 July

Bel Fruit and Loin Cloth: The Initiation of Boys and Girls in Bhaktapur, Nepal (2007)

Niels Gutschow and Axel Michaels (Heidelberg)
Maria Hemmleb and Christian Bau (Hamburg)

Day 4 - Thursday 31 July

Religion, Ritual and Experience: How to Film the Unseen

Marcus Banks (Oxford)

Day 5 - Friday 1 August

Challenging Video as Method to Document/Represent Ritual

Sarah Pink (Loughborough)

Day 6 - Monday 4 August

Spirit and Mind: The Use of Film in the Documentation, Analysis and Explication of Meaning in Yolngu Ritual

Howard Morphy (Canberra)

Day 7 - Tuesday 5 August
Filming Rituals between Theory and Practice

Manfred Krüger (Göttingen)


Section ll - Virtual Worlds - Old Rituals in New Worlds?

Day 8 - Wednesday 6 August

Pop up Performance: How to Research Rituals in Virtual Worlds

Kerstin Radde and Simone Heidbrink (Heidelberg)

Day 9 - Thursday 7 August

Ludic Media Theory and Virtual Worlds

Julian Kücklich (Coleraine)

Day 10 - Session I Friday 8 August

From the Virtual Ark to St Pixels: Online Rituals in a Christian Context

Simon Jenkins (London)

Day 10 - Session II Friday 8 August

A New Research Agenda: Representation of Islam and Islamic Rituals in Digital Games

Vit Sisler (Prague)