Privacy Policy

Data Privacy Protection

In order to facilitate communication we offer electronic data transmission. The data will be used for the following purposes:


Information request / contact

Firstly the data will be used for contact and for communicating information. In addition, we will store the data in a database for future use, such as to contact the user again or to send more information.


Summer School registration

In case of online registration, all necessary data will be stored and processed or used at least until the end of the event. Should we have to charge something to the user's account, we will store and use the data after the event.


Transmitting the data to third parties

No data will be transmitted to a third party apart from in the two cases stated above.


Further means of data transmission

If you do not wish to transmit your data via the Internet, you can use the means of transmission given in the contact information.


Even if a user grants permission to the SFB 619 to use the transmitted data, he or she may at any time withdraw this permission as of that moment. Furthermore the user can demand access to all stored data regarding him- or herself. Furthermore he or she may demand to have his or her personal data deleted after use.


Should a user have to transmit data to the SFB 619 for the purpose of justifying, defining or modifying a contractual relationship for use of teleservices, we are allowed by German Federal Law, clause 5 TDDSG, to store this data without the permission of the user.