The Collaborative Research Centre SFB 619 "Ritual Dynamics"

(SFB 619) was set up in 2002 as an interdisciplinary centre to research the dynamics of ritual. It is the world's largest research centre dedicated solely to investigating this topic, with over 90 scientists and researchers working on nineteen subprojects. Our focus is on the (re)invention of rituals, as well as the transfer and change of rituals. New avenues have been opened up, such as research into intercultural ritual transfer, ritual agency, and the connections between rituals and new media.


The SFB 619 Summer School 2008 course "Moving Images and Media Rituals" organised by the SFB 619 Ritual and Media Working Group invites participants to engage with a variety of experts in the analysis of film, video and hypermedia. Participants will explore questions about the making and the representation of rituals in and through media technologies with film and video makers. During the Summer School participants will learn to reflect critically upon the creation and shaping of rituals in new media. They will learn the basics of film analysis, the backgrounds of film making and the making and analysis of rituals in the internet. International teachers will engage students in interdisciplinary learning of theories and practical methods for handling ritual and media. After this Summer School participants will be able to examine rituals of the worlds of film and hypermedia and learn to deal with the special requirements needed to study ritual through and in moving images. The Summer School particularly addresses students and scholars from the fields of Religious Studies, Cultural and Media Studies or Cultural Anthropology. The SFB 619 Summer School will consist of two sections:

Section I Moving Images and Section II Virtual Worlds